Wednesday September 12

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  13.00     Welcome address, Jean-Olivier Defraigne, Vincent D’Orio
 |  New insights in the aortic pathology
    Per Eriskon, Florence Pinet





Insights from transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of human aneurysmal cells, Florence Pinet presentation imad 2018





A mechanistic link between mechanical stress and inflammation in the progression of aortic diseases,
Koichi Yoshimura





Predicting AAA growth and rupture with a skin biopsy, Kakkhee Yeung





A novel diagnostic score for AAA based on plasma D-dimer and myeloperoxidase, Wolf-Hans Eilenberg





Functional implications and therapeutic relevance of neutrophil extracellular traps in AAA, Christine Brostjan





Pathological remodeling of vascular smooth muscle in AAA: a therapeutic target? Marc Bailey

 13.58  Novel biomarkers of AAA derived from genetic and epigenetic studies, Gregory Jones presentation imad 2018
  14.06  Advanced glycation end products measured by skin autofluorescence are increased in patients with AAA,
Clark J. Zeebregts
presentation imad 2018
  14.14  Precision medicine in thoracic aortic disease, Julie De Backer presentation imad 2018
  14.22  Discussion
 |  New insights from rodent models of aortic disease
    Marc Bailey, Lars Maegdefesse
  Critical review of the murine AAA models for 2018, Raphaël Coscas presentation imad 2018
  14.48  3D ultrasound imaging of murine AAA, Marc Bailey
  14.56  Anatomical modifications of the PPE model in mice, Albert Busch
  15.04  Lessons learnt from the Guinea pig rat transplantation model of AAA, Eric Allaire presentation imad 2018
  15.12  Therapeutic applications of prostaglandins and thromboxane A2 inhibitors in AAA, Audrey Courtois presentation imad 2018
  15.20  Molecular pathways driving aortic disease in mouse models of ACTA2, MYLK, and MYH11 mutations,
Dianna Milewicz
  15.28  Discussion
  Coffee break
   |  Imaging of aortic diseases
    Barry Doyle, Joy Roy
  16.20  Quantification of abdominal aortic calcification: inherent measurement errors in current computed tomography imaging, Clark J. Zeebregts presentation imad 2018
  The discrepancy between the non-automatic and semiautomatic measurement-does it influence outcome?
Joy Roy
presentation imad 2018
  Biomechanical wall stress and rupture potential in AAA – data from the MA3RS Trial, Barry Doyle presentation imad 2018
  Different AAA biomechanical rupture risk assessment approaches. Model fidelity versus diagnostic predictability, Christian Gasser presentation imad 2018
  Computational biomechanics and morphology of small rAAA – a report from the STAR database,
Rebecka Hultgren
presentation imad 2018
  IVUS and CO2 angiogram for aortic disease: strategy to minimize the use of contrast, Igor Sincos presentation imad 2018
 |  Radiation exposure *
    Anders Wanhainen, Clark J. Zeebregts
 17.40  Strategies for optimal occupational radiation protection during vascular intervention, Bijan Modarai presentation imad 2018
  17.50  Effect of MRI on human lymphocyte DNA: myth or reality? Alain Nchimi presentation imad 2018
  18.00  Radiation protection in the endosuite and the importance of correct use of shields, Anders Wanhainen presentation imad 2018
  18.10  Short communication: back to basics, increasing the use of Postero anterior chest radiograph to aid assessment of chest pain for aortic dissection, Sacintha Perera presentation imad 2018
  18.14  Discussion
 18.30  End of the sessions
 *BELGIAN ATTENDEES – Radiologists, cardiologists and vascular surgeons

Thanks to our partnership with the AFCN (Agence Fédérale de Contrôle Nucléraire), the session on Radiation exposure on Wednesday September 12 at 17.40 can be valued as 1hour of continuing education.