Thursday September 13

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 |  What’s new in research on bicuspid aortopathy?
    Simon Body, Bart Loeys





The complex genetic architecture of bicuspid aortic valve related aortopathy, Bart Loeys





Protein-altering and regulatory genetic variants near GATA4 implicated in BAV, Simon Body presentation imad 2018





New insights in the genetics of aortopathy and BAV in Turner syndrome, Aline Verstraeten presentation imad 2018





Circulating microRNAs in bicuspid aortopathy, Evaldas Girdauskas presentation imad 2018

 09.02  TGF-b/ENG ratio in bicuspid aortopathy, Alessandro Della Corte presentation imad 2018
  09.10  Discussion
 |  What’s new in management of bicuspid aortopathy?
    Alessandro Della Corte, Hector Michelena
 09.35  Fluid dynamics simulations to understand BAV aortopathy mechanisms and risks, Luca Koechlin presentation imad 2018
  09.43  Searching for early biomechanically-driven indexes of aortic remodeling: where are we at? Emiliano Votta presentation imad 2018
  09.51  Advanced imaging biomarkers in bicuspid aortic valve disease surveillance, Malenka Bissell
  09.59  Gender-related differences in bicuspid aortopathy history and outcomes, Hector Michelena presentation imad 2018
  10.07  How does the current knowledge on BAV aortopathy impact valve repair? Alessandro Della Corte presentation imad 2018
  10.15  Phenotype-guided surgical treatment of bicuspid aortopathy, Ruggero De Paulis presentation imad 2018
  10.23  Discussion
  Coffee break
    Ask to expert I (Nagelmackers room – Level 2)

Place of the laparoscopy in the management of the Type 2 endoleaks, Eric Allaire, Franco Grego,
Jean-Paul Lavigne

    Short communication: unusual complication of IMA embolization for type 2 endoleaks, Arnaud Kerzmann
   |  TAVI
    Patrizio Lancellotti, Thomas Modine
  11.20  Overview on ongoing randomized clinical trials in TAVI, Patrizio Lancellotti presentation imad 2018
  Is TAVR already arguable in low and moderate risk patients? Thomas Modine
  Aortic regurgitation after TAVI - Can we do better? Joëlle Kefer presentation imad 2018
  TAVI endocarditis, Bernard Iung presentation imad 2018
  Experience from CHU Liège, Belgium, Christophe Martinez, Mark Radermecker presentation imad 2018
  12.00  Perceval (suturless valve) indications at CHU Liège; a booster of the mini invasive aortic valve replacement program, Marc Radermecker presentation imad 2018
    Keynote lecture
  Aortic valve reconstruction using the Ozaki technique, when and in whom? Cesare Quarto presentation imad 2018
  12.30  Lunch Break
   |  Keynote lecture
    Rodolphe Durieux
 13.30  Open reoperations for complications of endovascular aortic procedures: top of the iceberg?
Nicholas Kouchoukos
presentation imad 2018
  |  Experts panels
What is the aortic size threshold for TAA intervention?
    Natzi Sakalihasan

Panelists: John Elefteriades, Nicholas Kouchoukos, Patrizio Lancellotti, Dianna Milewicz, Christoph Nienaber

  13.45  Should the criterion for surgical intervention for thoracic aortic aneurysm be moved “leftward” (earlier)?
John Elefteriades
presentation imad 2018
  13.55  Lesson learned from local experiences in Liège with type A dissection, Natzi Sakalihasan presentation imad 2018
  14.00  Discussion
  |  The revised ascending aorta and aortic arch
    Jean-Olivier Defraigne, John Elefteriades, Nicholas Kouchoukos
  14.15  Genetic basis of thoracic aortic disease and impact of altered gene on patient management, Dianna Milewicz
  14.23  The z-score-misleading clinical science? John Elefteriades presentation imad 2018
  14.31  Arch variants, Tilo Kölbel presentation imad 2018
  14.39  Surgery of the aortic arch nowadays, Nicholas Kouchoukos presentation imad 2018
  14.47  Arch hybrid procedures are effective and durable for arch aneurysms, Colin Bicknell presentation imad 2018
  14.55  Endo-treatment of arch and ascending aorta, Tilo Kölbel presentation imad 2018
  15.03  Discussion
  15.30  Coffee break
  |  Distal aortic dissection
    Bijan Modarai, Christoph Nienaber
 16.00  The conundrum about complicated and uncomplicated type B dissection - new concepts! Christoph Nienaber presentation imad 2018
  16.08  When is a dissection to be called chronic and why? Firas Mussa presentation imad 2018
  16.16  What is the role of tissue inflammation in dissection and how do we diagnose it? Natzi Sakalihasan presentation imad 2018
  16.24  How can imaging tell us about the plasticity of a dissection? Biomechanical modelling and PET/CT in type B aortic dissection: development of the Perth-Liege risk score for TBAD, Barry Doyle presentation imad 2018
  16.32  Temporal and morphological patterns predict outcome of endovascular repair in acute complicated type B aortic dissection, Rebecka Hultgren presentation imad 2018
  16.40  Critical aortic dissections: benefit of surgical creativity out of any guidelines, Parla Astarci presentation imad 2018
  16.48  Discussion
   |  Distal aortic dissection
    Dianna Milewicz, Toru Suzuki
  17.10  The role of biomarkers in the setting of acute aortic syndrome? Toru Suzuki presentation imad 2018
  17.18  The integration of genetic testing in the work-up of a patient with aortic dissection, Bulat Ziganshin presentation imad 2018
  17.26  How to manage acute aortic dissection in pregnancy? John Elefteriades presentation imad 2018
  17.34  Discussion
  |  Proximal aortic dissection
    Colin Bicknell, John Elefteriades
  18.00  The role of false lumen intervention to promote remodeling via induced thrombosis, Christoph Nienaber presentation imad 2018
  18.08  How much is arch reconstruction needed in type A aortic dissection? Ulrich Rosendahl presentation imad 2018
  18.16  Inching toward an endovascular solution for proximal dissection - will an Endo-Bentall see the light of day? Christoph Nienaber presentation imad 2018
  18.24  Open surgery for aortic dissections, Nimesh Desai presentation imad 2018
  18.32  Abdominal aortic open fenestration and other open surgical tricks: usefulness in type B dissections,
Fabien Koskas
presentation imad 2018
  18.40  Optimised management of type A aortic dissection with visceral malperfusion - concept to reconsider,
Mathias Thielmann
presentation imad 2018
  18.48  Short communication: the images behind intramural haematoma, Andreas Mitsis presentation imad 2018
  18.53  Discussion
 19.15  End of the sessions
 20.00  Official dinner